We believe in a BrightFuture

BrightFuture is Brightvision’s name for the different initiatives and good causes we support, as our way of paying back to our communities – hopefully creating a brighter future for people. We support two areas where we are really passionate about: Technology start-ups and people.

We love to see tech start-ups grow

Even if it’s the big tech companies that are paying our bills these days, our first love was with tech start-ups. Brightvision was founded on the idea of helping tech start-ups to build and execute a marketing plan that would help them ”cross the chasm”– in other words, helping them find a market niche were they could build their first repeatable client base. This was our sole focus for the first few years but evolved over the years to work mostly with big tech companies.

Our 20 years of tech marketing experience would be a great asset for many tech start-ups. That’s why we have chosen to coach and support a few tech start-ups every year on a pro-bono basis.

If we can help a few start-ups commercialize and spread their innovative solutions and products, that can help our society handle climate crisis (Green/Clean tech), health issues, educational challenges (EdTech) or other challenges that would be beneficial for the society.

Every half-year, we will help one tech start-up that is targeting to solve an important problem for the society with a marketing “grant” worth 50 000 SEK. Is that you start-up?

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We love to see people grow

Brightvision is a ”people first” company. Meaning that we believe that we can only offer great service and excellence in our projects if we take good care of our team.

That’s why we use the phrase ”Growing people – Growing Business”. That describes our two main focuses: people and clients. It means that we want to develop our own people, to become more experienced and proficient, as marketeers and leaders, which will help our clients to grow as companies.

That is why we offer stellar internship programs for students that is on the verge to the enter the job market, equipping the next generation B2B marketing and sales professionals. If you want to apply for an internship at Brightvision, expect it to be full time and demanding – but you will learn a lot, and make some great friends.

You can read more about our open internship opportunities here:

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